[P2U] Flairs

Pay2Use Flairs for Twitch


These are Flair Badges for your Twitch stream, which can enhance your Tier2 and Tier3 Subscriber Badges.
They will be placed on top of your Badges.
Feel free to edit them for your own use to make them fit to your own Badges, e.g. rearrange the placement of the blush.
You will get following sizes: 72×72 px, 36×36 px, 18×18 px
Resizing below the max size of 72px will be free of charge after purchase.
These are digital goods, so they will not be send to your address, but you will receive a download link.

These Flairs are “pay to use”, meaning that they are non-exclusive and can/will be sold to multiple customers.
The Flairs are non-refundable due to their digital nature.
Gifting them to someone else is allowed. Resale, copying, tracing and redrawing is not permitted in any way.
You will have one valid license after purchase. The download link will stay available for 7 days after purchase.

Nanagadesign will always own the full rights to these artworks and the customer is only permitted to use them for personal use and upload them to Twitch/Mixer/Discord.
You as the buyer are not allowed to file DMCA claims to any other customers using these Flairs.


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